The Most Important Thing We Build Is Trust
building something you love is just part of our job
The Most Important Thing We Build Is Trust
building something you love is just part of our job
The Most Important Thing We Build Is Trust
building something you love is just part of our job


At CB Construction, building something you love is just part of our job. We want you to be as pleased with the experience as with the outcome. More than half of our business comes from repeat customers. We hope you’ll be one of them.


Sometimes the obvious answer isn’t the best one. Maybe you need to bump out instead of bump up. Maybe you don’t need to gut the whole kitchen. And maybe removing that big beam would be a really bad idea. We’ll listen closely to you- and to the needs of your house- to determine the wisest, most efficient path to the outcome you’re looking for.


Because every home is unique, we always start with "what if...?" We'll sit down with you to consider all the possibilities and tease out the smartest solution, always with your objective as our guiding star.
If your project requires it, we'll refer you to a trusted designer. Then we'll work with the two of you to develop a plan that works as well in practice as it does on paper.
This is where we start wrangling the critical details. We fill in all the specifications, help you settle on finishes, confirm a final price, and set the schedule.
We implement your design, respond to the inevitable unforeseen issues, and assure your plan aligns with what the house is telling us. We'll modify the design if necessary and respond to advise you on any requested change orders.


  • CB Construction has been working with me to replace a failing multi-level foundation- building a foundation and retaining wall for my property. They have also made a storage-only basement into a lovely guest and living area. I have loved working with them because they are responsive to questions, give information freely, make changes as I need, and have been absolutely great to work with. I would work with them again and have recommended them to friends.

    Cathy Funk Seattle
  • Right now in Seattle, entire blocks are razed and rebuilt in the time it takes to drink a latte. So thank goodness for CB Construction. Carl, Bob, and their team approach their work with a rare thoughtfulness and integrity, and the results are as beautiful as they are functional. Better still, the people at CB are great human beings. We've worked with them on jobs as large as a remodel and as small as rebuilding our fireplace mantel and surround. They follow a clear process from design to execution and keep us looped in the whole way. We recommend them to everyone.

    Kevin & Betsy Jones Seattle
  • CB Construction performed a major remodel of our classic Wallingford home. Carl is a true craftsman who listened to what we wanted, selected quality subcontractors and communicated with us daily. He provided outstanding results within the agreed time frame. Costs were monitored and information about changes was shared regularly. We will continue to recommend CB construction to family members and close friends.

    Margaret Birdsall & Steve Bauck Seattle


Carl Lind  principal
With a sensibility rooted in furniture-making, boat-building, and nearly two decades of building and remodeling homes, Carl brings inquisitiveness, analysis, and attention to detail to every project.  He excels at reading the houses he works on and identifying solutions accordingly. He is also committed to solutions that are energy-efficient and environmentally sound. When he’s not on the job Carl enjoys biking and boating. He lives with his wife and daughter in a home he built himself.

Bob Kackman  principal
Bob has nearly 30 years of construction experience. An early career in commercial building and a degree in architecture from the University of Oregon taught Bob how to smoothly see a project through from concept to completion. His study of Aikido helps him navigate the occasional on-the-job challenge and maintain your project’s momentum- all with his signature smile and good humor. Bob recently completed the remodel of the house he lives in with his wife and two children. When he’s not building something Bob enjoys biking, travel, and spending time with his family.


It’s about integrity, ours and your home’s. In a city where houses seem to go up or get bigger overnight, we still take the time to build things right. Which means we listen to you. We listen to your house. We apply old-school craftsmanship along with the latest building science. And we create every space with the understanding that it should hold, enable, and enrich your life.


Whether we’re remodeling your existing house, adding an accessory dwelling, or building your dream home from scratch, we apply both the craftsmanship and the project management to deliver an outcome that delights- one time, on budget, and with minimal nail-biting.

Making a space more functional and beautiful requires careful attention to your wishes and equal attention to the quirks and character of your home. As remodeling experts, we'll show you solutions you might not have thought of. And we mind all the details- from initial demolition through the careful application of your finishes, for an end product you'll be proud of.
Accessory dwelling units are a practical, often sustainable way to house a family member or earn rental income. When you're building one, two things are key: knowing how to integrate the unit seamlessly into the scheme of your main property, and understanding the complex regulations that govern accessory dwellings. Whatever our objective, we'll help you create an efficient and inviting space where your tenants will feel at home- and one that will meet the letter of the city's permit.
If you're ready to build a custom home from the ground up, so are we. We'll help you manage the thousands of details with a clear process and plenty of communication along the way.
As we work on your project, we continually look for opportunities to improve your home's performance. We take into account everything from energy efficiency to heating systems to seismic readiness. We'll work improvements into your project where we can, and suggest additional work where we think it's in your best interest. We believe that giving you a home with integrity is making sure it's environmentally sound and designed to function well for decades.